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swasth Circle
during COVID-19

As India was struck with the deadly wave of COVID-19, came to the forefront of home quarantine care


Online Video Consultations


Online Home Care Video Consultations


Recovery Rate and Patient Satisfaction

5 star reviews for doctors and support

What's in your swasth circle?

swasth Family Doctor
Your Friend In Need

Your Family doctor

Is always a message away.

Will message you regularly like your personal care buddy.

Knows your entire family history.

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17 doctors across all specialties
Contact any Doctor at any time

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Book Home Blood Test Collections, Home X Rays and Home Nurses

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Health locker

Store Past Medical Records Electronically, Conveniently, and Securely. Access these medical records with ease. Set Medicine Reminders and request Prescription Renewals.


Listen to what our Patients say

Personal Trainer

Mr Sirish 

Dr.Pearlsy has been my family physician from july 2021. I have been consulting her regularly and I am thoroughly impressed with her treatment. When I consulted her regarding a blackout, thinking it was a small problem, she told me to immediately get a thorough checkup as there may be an underlying condition. To my surprise Swasth saved me from a near death! I had an underlying heart condition and had to get a pacemaker immediately. At the moment I am at home after my pacemaker procedure and can't thank Swasth enough! Thank you Swasth!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many doctors do I have in my Circle?

Does the subscription include me or my family also?

Does the subscription include me or my family also?

How many doctors do I have in my Circle?

Does the subscription include me or my family also?

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