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Retain Patients, Automate Follow-Ups with Swasth.

Swasth Follow-Ups is a pay per use tool to automate Post Discharge Follow-Ups and enable Patient Retention

Why Swasth

Put Swasth to work. Invest your time with patients.

Doctor Diagnosis

Retain Patients

30% of patients do not appear for their Follow-Ups - Retaining patients is one of the biggest problems doctors face post-discharge.

Using Swasth Follow-Ups patients will subscribe to your follow-up circle; which will automatically plan and remind them about their Follow Up Schedule. Swasth ensures every doctor has a system in place to retain patients that generally do not schedule their next appointment before leaving the office.

Automate Follow-Ups in two clicks

After the patient subscribes to your Circle, all you have to do is click on two buttons and the Swasth Genie will automatically schedule all their upcoming follow-ups. Say Bye-Bye to Phone Call Reminders.

Patients will be reminded for their follow-ups, understand the rationale for the recommended return visit or treatments, the presumptive diagnosis, next steps for follow-up, and signs or symptoms to watch for. 

Holding Phones

Improve Processes

Using a combination of telemedicine and in-person clinical follow-ups will lead to a more efficient workday and allow you to see more patients.

Following a proper follow-up schedule reduces the rate of hospital readmissions by 40%, this, in turn, improves patient satisfaction.

Most patients are anxious post-surgery and tend to google any questions they may have leading to a slower rate of recovery. Using Swasth they can contact you and your colleagues at any time and also avail additional video consultations.

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How it Works

Meet our all in one solution to automate Post Discharge Follow Ups

Generate a Follow-Up Schedule with reminders and goals in just two clicks

Create your personalised Follow-Up Schedule for patients, add your colleagues if you are working in a group practice

Post Discharge, patients subscribe to your circle and appointments are automatically generated based on their procedure

Patients will receive a Follow Up Handbook which will inform them when and what to expect during their next follow up

Before appointments, you and your patients will receive text reminders. Patients can contact you at any time through your circle and video consultations can also be conducted

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Swasth is created by the Best Doctors and Technologists.

Swasth is an IIT Madras (MTI) incubated company founded in 2018. We're an interdisciplinary team of the best doctors, technologists and healthcare experts with a vision of bringing affordable healthcare into every home in India.

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