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Swasth Circle for Organizations

Get your very own Personalized and Customized Pocket Hospital for your organization! 

What's covered?

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Complete Care

Each employee will receive a personalized pocket hospital under your brand name for them and 5 other members (friends or family). It will consist of a Family Physician on call at any time and the best doctors from 17 specializations (available on appointments) like a dedicated pocket hospital. All doctors will speak your local language. We also deliver medications and offer at home lab, x ray services.

Personal Health Assitant, Unique Engagement and Preventive Healthcare

Every Pocket Hospital includes a Health Assistant who helps employees book appointments, lab tests, organise hospital beds and much more! Our Family Physicians will carefully create a preventive healthcare plan for each employee, further to which they will start engaging with employees on a regular basis by sending personalised preventive messages. 

Therapist + Super Specialist on Call

At Swasth we know how important mental health is in a working environment, employees can speak to mental health professionals at any time from their Circle. A doctor from every specialty is also always available in their circle.

Orientation Session + Preventive Health Emails

Before onboarding, our doctors will conduct an orientation program with your entire team explaining the benefits of Preventive Health and answer questions. Every month Swasth will also send Preventive Health Emails to your team which can also be included in your organization's newsletter.

Trusted by thousands of employees


Frequently asked questions

How does Swasth Circle make our employees healthier?

Swasth provides your organization with its own personalized pocket hospital under your own brand name. We are committed to improving the overall health of your organization hence we focus more on preventive healthcare. As soon as employees are onboarded we make them fill our prescreening form for them and their loved ones which are assessed carefully by our expert doctors. Further to which our doctors will create a preventive healthcare plan and start engaging with patients on a regular basis (once a week) by sending personalized preventive messages. Whenever employees have any other health issues they can contact any of the 17 doctors in their circle for a video consultation. 

Can I use Swasth Circle if I already have an insurance provider?

Yes, Swasth Circle offers preventive healthcare to make employees healthier and happier. In the case, employees do have any health issues they can contact any doctor 24/7 similar to a dedicated pocket sized hospital. 

Are consultations with all doctors free? 

No, employees can avail 24/7 free text consultations with their family physician. All video consultations with specialists, super-specialist and therapists are priced separately.

Do you deliver medications and book lab test?

Yes, medications can be ordered directly from the app and will be delivered to the employee's doorstep. We also organise Home Lab Test, Home  X-Rays, Home Nurses and home ECGs.

Who are Personal Health Assistants?

Every subscription includes a Personal Health Assistant. Employees can contact these assistants at any time to help them schedule appointments with doctors, organise hospital beds and deliver medications or organise lab tests. They make your healthcare experience seamless.

Some employees do not want regular engagement with doctors, can we still use Swasth Circles?

Yes, doctors will only regularly engage with employees if employees are opting for regular engagement. Regular engagement can also be switch off at any time.  If employees do not opt-in for regular engagement they can still contact any of the doctors in their circle whenever required.

Do you have instant support for employees? 

Yes, we have a dedicated support line for your employees where they will receive instant support.


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Swasth is created by the Best Doctors and Technologists.

Swasth is an IIT Madras (MTI) incubated company founded in 2018. We're an interdisciplinary team of the best doctors, technologists and healthcare experts with a vision of bringing affordable healthcare into every home in India.

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